Our Summer

It has been a while since the last post. Summer has been full of activities and hard work. Our first training camp was in Otepää, where we started preparations for the coming season, with the main focus on cross-country. The camp was really hard and included a lot of intensive trainings. The training cycle was successful for all athletes, though Andreas wasn’t able to take part of all the trainings, due to a minor injury. The camp in Otepää ended on 24th of June, which followed by the Midsummer Eve and a short holiday.

Our next camp took place in Innsbruck, Austria, where the main focus was on jumping techniques. The camp was full of hard work and also we had time to make some jumps in Garmisch – Partenkirchen. The camp was successful and both of us could improve our level on jumping hill. After this camp there were a couple of weeks free time, which we spent with our family in Pärnu just relaxing and swimming in the sea. After this vacation it wasgood to continue with trainings. The vacation was followed by a tough camp and competitions in Europe. The camp started in Oberhof, Germany, where we gave the last fillip to our shape.

The competitions took place in three different towns, altogether there were five competitions in seven days. Though the competitions were tough we took it as a control of our shape.

Suddenly after the competitions September had arrived. Estonian Championships in ski jumping and Nordic combined took place on 8th-9th of Sept. On the first day there were individual and team ski jumping competitions. Kristjan was individually 2nd and Elva Ski Club achieved 1st place in team event.

The Nordic combined event was different this time, first there was a-five-km running part and after that one jump.  Kristjan was the fastest runner followed by Andreas and Karl-August Tiirmaa. Altogether the Ilves Brothers showed long flights on jumping hill and first time in the history shared the podium. Both of us got good emotions and confidence out of this competition. Also the knowledge that we’re moving towards the right direction.

Right now we have some days off before we start our journey towards the next camp.


Enjoy the last days of summer!